The Botanical Garden, located in a varied area, amongst the piling up natural loess gorges, the Czechówka river meandering between them, and the ponds, is one of the favorite walking places of Lublin residents and tourists. Good soils and a varied microclimate are the right ecological conditions for high biodiversity of plants.

The Garden contains plants from different climate zones. Its collections include over 1600 species of trees and shrubs, over 3300 herbaceous plants growing in the ground, and about 1600 species of greenhouse plants.

Sławinek - once a small grange - also has a rich history. In the second half of the 18th century the reconstructed noble manor house existing on the grounds of the Garden, belonged to Jan Nepomucen Kościuszko, uncle of Tadeusz who often visited this place.


ul. Sławinkowska 3
20-810 Lublin

tel. +48 81 743 49 00