The Devil's Paw and other Lublin legends, the underground trail, the Lublin Open Air Village Museum, and Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. Lublin surely has a lot to offer to the youngest travellers. In this section we have gathered the information that will help to organize an interesting stay in the City of Inspiration together with children.

Acoustic sacristy in the Archcathedral

Lublin Archcathedral hides many secrets. One of them is the acoustic sacristy. Special ceiling construction causes a mysterious phenomenon – a person standing in one corner of the room can whisper with a person standing in the opposite corner. Yes, that sounds unbelievable, but it's true. See for yourself.

Pharmacy Museum
The museum presents the exemplary look of a pharmacy at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. In one of the two rooms one can admire stylish furniture from that period, pharmacy equipment and tools used to prepare medicines. The second room has been developed as a pharmacy storeroom, where old prescriptions and documents are being presented. Admission to the museum is free.

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum

Strolling through the charming grounds of the Lublin Open Air Village Museum it's hard to resist an impression that we have moved back in time. We can find old farms here, wooden Catholic and Orthodox churches, a real smithy, and a wooden mill. Another attractions are animals such as goats, hens, or horses. The Lublin Open Air Village Museum is a quiet, diverse, and green enclave of an old village, located within the borders of Lublin. On weekends various shows of old trades and everyday activities are organised.

The Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden, with its picturesque localisation at a loess hill, enchants with its beauty. For children – it is a true paradise. We can find different plants from Poland, America, Asia, and Mediterranean areas. The place allows expanding knowledge about biodiversity and geography, by showing the richness of the nature realm. The garden is over 1600 species of trees and bushes, more than 3300 of plants growing in the ground, and about 1600 species of greenhouse plants. On the grounds of the Botanical Garden stands the Kościuszko Manor, which was visited by Tadeusz Kościuszko himself.

The Saxon Garden
The city park located in the very city centre is a great proposition to spend time with family. There are multiple attractions such as a pond, flowerbed with a thermometer and a barometer, and a sundial. While the adults can relax on a park bench, the children can enjoy a playground. The park creates an opportunity to meet the peacocks that live in a special aviary.

Lubartowska 77
Care about education, creativity and ecology gave birth to a place for developing talents, passion, and everlasting cooperation in the spirit of friendship and respect. For children there are mostly interesting workshops, such as music and dance workshops, fun with board games, inspiring cooking classes, sewing workshops, and ornitology workshops that acquaintance children with the world of nature. 

Wild Children Reserve
One rule is here - the children are in charge and the parents are banned from the main zone (but don't worry, the Reserve employees will keep an eye on the kids). There are plenty of tools for children to use, and muddy kitchen awaits the youngest ones. *The Reserve operates from the summer holidays till the Autumn.

H. Ch. Andersen Theatre
The only theatre in Lublin with a constant repertoire for children, what makes it a considerable cultural attraction for the youngest. Current localisation of the institution is the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures at the Teatralny Square, where childre, apart from the plays, can also see an exhibition of dolls and masques used by the actors during the performances. Seen from up close they arise a lot of excitement.

Regional Museum of Cebularz

Lublin is full of different tastes. For example an aromatic taste of a fresh cebularz. It's a simple and delicious product, that has its museum in the city centre. In the Regional Museum of Cebularz, both children and parents, can take part in an interactive show, presenting the origin of this traditional snack.

Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre
The Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre is a place where one can obtain necessary information about Lublin and region, buy interesting souvenirs from the trip, and acquire the Lublin Tourist Card that allows to discover the city in a cheaper way. Among available publications there are interesting titles especially for the youngest tourists, such as colouring books and comics. There's also a children's corner. The facility also organises excursions along the Route of Lublin Legends, which is a perfect opportunity to learn about the history of Lublin through the popular tales and legends. Interesting events for children are organised by the Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre during the big city events, such as the Festival of Lublin Legends, Winter in the City, or Season Lublin.

The Route of Lublin Legends
From where comes the name of the city, what did Duke Leszek the Black dream about, and when does the tin cockerel from the Trinitarian Tower crow? During the walk through the Old Town the guide and the Lublin goat will tell children about Lublin's history with the use of the most famous city legends. Detailed information and reservation via phone: +48 81 532 44 12 or personally in the Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre - Lublin, Krakowskie Przedmieście 6 street. 

Lublin Castle
Among thousands of interesting exhibits in the Lublin Museum at the Castle, there's this special one that attracts children's attention – a table with a burned mark of the devil's paw. According to the legend it was left by the devil himself, during a famous trial that took place in the Crown Tribunal in Lublin, where a justice was served by the devilish court. The youngest ones will surely be interested by an archeological exhibition that consists of many multimedia presentations and plans showing the history of the region.

Lublin Underground Trail
In the cellars of the Crown Tribunal starts a mysterious and exciting trail through the underground corridors. Almost 300-houdred meters long route leads to the Po Farze Square. Another treat is a moving painting depicting the fire of Lublin from 1719, and plans showing how the city used to look like and how it grew through the centuries. In the Lublin Underground Trail children can feel like real explorers. The trail is available for children from the age of 4.

Trinitarian Tower
Mysterious interior of the Trinitarian Tower takes the imagination of the little tourists back to the old ages. On the last floor of the magnificent, 60-meters high tower, there's a terrace from one can admire the panorama of the city. To get there the visitors have to climb 207 stairs. The view from the top is truly amazing.

House of Words – the Chamber of Printing
Do you know how books used to be print? No? So that's even more of an enigma for our children. Therefore we recommend visiting the House of Words that presents the story of printing in Lublin. Among the exhibits we can find printing machines used in old Lublin printing houses.


Słoneczny Wrotków
A big complex of pools and slides at the Zemborzycki Lake invites during the Summer season.

Lublin Rope Park – Zemborzycki Lake
Recreational area of the Zemborzycki Lake is not only water and the beach. Children and teens can also give it a try on a rope park among trees.​​​​

Mania Skakania – trampolines and a rope park
Children love jumping, the higher the better. Mania Skakania will allow kids to unload their neverending energy!

Strefa Wysokich Lotów
Trampolines and acrobatics will be a source of some good vibes, especially to the youngest.

Aqua Lublin
The biggest modern water park in the eastern Poland. It's a popular place for family time, with a recreation zone for children.

Ice Mania
Winter is a favourite season for many kids. Indoor ice rink Icemania invites for some skating.




ul. Długosza
ul. Leszczyńskiego



Sztuczka Lab in the Culture Centre
Creativity, art – everything especially for children. Sztuczka Lab is mostly workshops, interactive plays, alternative education methods, discovering talents, and cooperation of children, animators, and parents. It's a great place for development and building mutual relations with the surroundings.

Karuzela Sztuki
Classes full of passion, the craft of words, learning through play, and most importantly, the culture and history in the approachable delivery. The inspiration gained by the young adepts of art will encourage them to develop their talents.

Warsztaty Kultury
Active creating of the cultural offer and broadening the horizons of knowledge and imagination through workshops, animation activities, or big outdoor festivals is the main area of Warsztaty Kultury's acticity. There's also a rich cultural offer for children.​​​​

Sztukmistrze Foundation
Thanks to the institutions such as Sztukmistrze Foundation, the new circus art enchants both adults and children, stimulates the imagination, and encourages to imitate the best.

Voivodeship Culture Centre
Cultural education and art education, especially of children and teenagers, is the main aim of the Voivodeship Culture Centre in Lublin. The current list of events can be found at

BIBLIO Multimedia Library
Biblio is more than a library. In one of Lublin districts we can find a modern building offering plenty of books to children and teenagers, as well as a vast collection of multimedia.Apart from that there are workshops, movie screenings, and photography exhibitions. The skate-park-like interior design provides certain freedom, while energetic employees take care for a friendly atmosphere.

Zawilcowa Park

High grass, plants and flowers of a characteristic scent, multicoloured flowerbeds with contrasting patterns, coniferous and deciduous plants – that all creates a potential for educational development offered to children by the new park in Lublin. Wooden sculptures of animals, educational panels, and environmental games make this place even more attractive.

Multimedia Fountain Shows
The Multimedia Fountain at the Litewski Square, in the very heart of Lublin. The shows that attract both tourists and the citizens. With the help of water, sound, and light they tell about various themes from the history of Lublin, make summer evenings even more colourful, and provide unforgettable events.

Summer Bus Tourist Line "T"
In July and August the Public Transport Authority in Lublin invites the whole families to see Lublin from the decks of the old vehicles. Together you will go back in time in Ziutek trolleybus or Gutek bus.


Carnaval Sztukmistrzów
Lublin is a city of magicians! Every year on a July weekend, the city space turns into an arena of illusion, juggling, and other new circus arts. It's also the realm of the slack-liners walking on the ropes high above the ground. For children, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is an unforgettable event, and the memories and emotions brought from the festival bring enthusiasm for a lot of following days.

Lublin Legends Festival
It's hard to find cities with so many legends and tales in Poland as Lublin. Would you like to hear them all? We invite you to the Lublin Legends Festival. Captivating stories about specific places can work for imagination.