The Old Grove (Stary Gaj), located in the south-western outskirts of the city, is Lublin's "green lungs", and a place of active recreation for residents and tourists.

The Old Grove forestry occupies a part of the Zemborzyce district. The "Stasin" Reserve, located in the north-west end of the Old Grove, has the highest natural values. The purpose of protection in this reserve is preservation of a fragment of deciduous forest with a large share of black birch in the number of over 90 specimens. Right at the border of the reserve, at the intersection of large forest paths, there is a hundred-year-old English oak, recognized as a natural monument.

By adding to the advantages of the Old Grove an interesting terrain with small ravines and ravines, we get a large variety of landscape in a relatively small area. Numerous forest tracks and paths make it easier to get to know the Old Grove. Perfect for both family walks and jogging, in winter, they turn into cross-country skiing routes, where one can often use the amateur tracks previously developed by the growing number of fans of this discipline.

For those who are planning a bike trip, the Old Grove also has something to offer. A certain part of the bicycle routes of the Konopnica Commune runs through the forest area. The route starts at the south-west corner of the Stasin Nature Reserve. The signpost there shows the way in two directions. The first option is a trip along the edge of the forest to Stasin, then through the village to Motycz. The second possibility allows to go deeper into the forest, where after a few hundred meters the signs turn south towards Zemborzyce Podleśne, and then towards the Zemborzycki Reservoir to Cienista street, and then even to Niedrzwica Duża.

How about something more extreme? Many active people like to take part in running and orienteering marches. Both hiking and cycling games, as well as orienteering competitions, take place in the Old Grove quite often. The forest area is perfect for starting or continuing your adventure with orienteering. At dawn, in bright daylight or at night - it all depends on the preferences of the group. An individual, non-standard approach to each order is provided by the professional Manufaktura Turystyki –

A walk through the Old Grove is also full of historical elements. The forest area is covered with numerous partisan dugouts, and a grave from the Second World War has been preserved at one of the main roads.

The best access to the edge of the forest is via a gravel and asphalt road, leading through the railway crossing towards the forest from Janowska street (along the allotment gardens), Lipska street (also a side street of Janowska street) and Węglinek street, from which one can take a turn from behind the signpost towards the Lublin West railway station. It is worth considering the use of nearby car parks on the Górki, Widok, and Poręba estates. Access by public transport from various parts of Lublin is very easy, thanks to the proximity of the "Osiedle Widok" bus terminus at Filaretów street and "Osiedle Poręba" at Granitowa street. The most convenient entrance to the forest area is through the underground passage under the platform of the Lublin West railway station or from the railway crossing at Janowska street.

For walking and biking, for running and skiing, for a bonfire and mushroom picking, all of that surrounded by local history, fresh air and protected nature - in the Old Grove everyone will find something for themselves!