Are you looking for ideas for visiting Lublin when museums and galleries are closed? We have some tips on how to discover the charms of the city using the available opportunities. You will definitely not be bored! Here are our suggestions:


1. Pop by the Tourist Information Centre

Lublin informacja turystyczna LOITiK

While walking along the promenade in Lublin, visit the Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre (Krakowskie Przedmieście 6). We will help you plan your visit, you will receive free promotional brochures, and at the same time you will have an opportunity to buy magnets, postcards, maps, and even some traditional regional products. The centre offers luggage storage, access to a computer with the Internet, and bicycle rental. We are open daily from 9.00 AM.

2.  Use the audioguide mobile app

aplikacja lublin stare miasto

Free Lublin Stare Miasto mobile app will take you on an interesting trip around the Old Town and the city centre. You will learn the most interesting facts about the monuments surrounding you and some trivia about the city's history. The walk along the Old Town Trail lasts about an hour and starts in front of the Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre (Krakowskie Przedmieście 6).

3. Take a walk along the city's tourist routes

Lublin szlaki turystyczne

If the walk around the Old Town leaves you wanting more, there are other city routes waiting for you, such as the Jagiellonian Trail of the Union of Lublin, the Trail of Famous Lubliners, the Multicultural Trail, the Heritage Trail of the Lublin Jews, the Architectural Trail, or the Lublin Renaissance Trail. The most interesting places of the trails are marked with special boards. At the Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre, you will receive plans with the courses of the trails. You can also use the links above.

4. Say it out loud: I love Lublin!


We are sure that Lublin will steal your heart. When it happens, it will be a great idea to take a picture with the words I love Lublin on the Litewski Square. It will be a great memento of your stay here. If photography is your passion, get to know the most instagrammable places in Lublin.

5. Eat a cebularz

cebularz lubelski

Round, aromatic, crunchy. That's the cebularz. A wheat flatbread with onion and poppyseed topping, which used to be baked by the Lublin Jews before the war. The treat is included on the list of traditional products of the Lublin Voivodeships and can be bought in the bakeries located in the vincinity of the Old Town. Enjoy!

 6. Have a walk in the Saxon Garden and admire the Saxon Gallery

Ogrod Saski Lublin

After visiting the Old Town it's worth to walk to the oldest municipal park in Lublin. The Saxon Garden was organized in 1837. It's architect was engineer Feliks Łodzia-Bieczyński, who worked together with Piotr Vernier, the gardener of the Czartoryski family. On 13 hectares you will find a number of beautiful corners. You will also meet the peacocks inhabiting a special aviary. While walking along the park's fence you will see intersting works of art displayed in the open-air Saxon Gallery.

7. Admire the street art of Lublin

murale lublin

Walking along Lublin streets can become the search of street art. In the very city centre of Lublin you will find over 20 murals of different themes. You can spot a trolleybus, the panoramic view of the old Lublin, or a fragment of Józef Czechowicz's "Poem about Lublin". Make sure to wear comfy shoes!

8. Admire the panorama of the Old Town from the Czwartek Hill

panorama lublin

One of the earliest inhabited suburbs of Lublin, the name of which - Czwartek, meaning Thursday - is related to the fairs held there weekly. On the slope above the valley of the Czechówka river, probably in the X century, a wooden church of st. Nicholas was erected. In the first half of the XVII century it was rebuilt in the Lublin Renaissance style. The Czwartek Hill offers a breathtaking view of the city skyline. Ms Patrycja Maczyńska's photograph is the best proof of this.


9. Rest by the Zemborzycki Reservoir


For a longer trip, we recommend the "Lublin Sea", meaning the Zemborzycki Reservoir, fed by the Bystrzyca river. You will find there nice green places to rest. Walk along the shoreline or take a bike ride around the lake. From the center of Lublin, you can also reach the reservoir on two wheels, along a special path that runs along the Bystrzyca river.

10. Choose #DestinationLubelskie!


Nature paths in the Polesie and Roztocze National Parks, meeting with the Polish koniks, kayaking adventure on the Bug river, sightseeing of Kazimierz Dolny by night, and many other interesting propositions you can find here: 10 ideas for Lubelskie | sightseeing in the Lublin region.