A representative, ecclectic building of the Lublin theatre was erected between 1884 and 1886, according to the design by Karol Kozłowski. The building was funded thanks to the numerous public donations of and due to the initiative of the Lublin intelligentsia, industrialists, merchants, and local landowners. It’s one of the oldest theatre buildings in Poland.

Despite many refurbishments and modernisations the building has preserved its original fin de siecle façade and interior décor of the hall and the auditorium. There are also numerous renaissance and antique motifs.

In 1949, along with being nationalised, the theatre was named after Juliusz Osterwa – a renowned actor and director who performed here in the years 1915-1933. The great polish actors to have appeared on its stage include: Aleksander Zelwerowicz, Stefan Jaracz, Ludwik Solski, Wiesław Michnikowski, Jan Machulski, Helena Modrzejewska, Ryszarda Hanin, Zofia Kucówna, Mieczysława Ćwiklińska, and Stanisław Mikulski.

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