Welcome to Lublin! The visit in this unique city must be confirmed with exquisite photos. But where to find the picturesque views? Below we present the most instagrammable places in Lublin. Once you've reached them, make sure to share your shots using the #lublintravel hashtag. Don't forget to tag us with @lubelskie_travel on Instagram. We'll gladly share them in our stories!


1. I Love Lublin

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Everybody loves Lublin! If the city enchanted also you, an illuminated sign at the Litewski Square will allow you to share this feeling with the world.


2. Terraces of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures

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Centre for the Meeting of Cultures is a very popular spot among the photography enthusiasts. An illuminated façade of the building, raw interior, concrete and glass - all of that looks really good in the pictures. Especially the Centre's roof terraces are a place that often appears on Instagram.

3. View from the Castle Tower

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The Old Town looks truly delightful from above. A great view point is a tower, commonly known as the Donjon, located on the courtyard of the National Museum in Lublin. From the terrace on its top you will see the Grodzka Gate, Po Farze Square, church, the Dominican church and monastery, Cracow Gate, Trinitarian Tower, and even part of the archcathedral. What a view!

4. Trinitarian Tower

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"On its tower a tin cock fluttered..." wrote Józef Czechowicz, a Lublin poet, in his "Poem on the City of Lublin". The highest view point in Lublin towers over the market square surrounded with medieval burgher houses. If you prefer a more mysterious shot, try taking a picture from the corner of Jezuicka and Bramowa streets.

5. Tightrope walker

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Lublin's tightrope walker refers to the magician from Isaak Bashevis Singer's novel. You can meet him every day as he walks above Grodzka street. He will gladly pose for a photo.

6. Multimedia fountain

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It's surely one of the top attractions of the renovated Litewski Square. It provides enjoyable view mostly on the summer evenings, when its lit with colourful illumination. On certain days promotional spots about Lublin are broadcast on the water courtain there.

7. Ku Farze street

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The narrowest street in Lublin connects the Po Farze Square with Rybna street. After turning from Grodzka street, you can feel as if you moved back in time. This alley is also a very popular wedding sessions spot.

8. Po Farze square

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It's difficult to imagine that in the middle of XIX century a church of st. Michael the Archangel stood here. Today a bronze model reminds about this fact, together with raised foundations that resemble a small labyrinth. You can also see the Lublin Castle in its full glory from here.

9. Cracow Gate

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To be in Lublin and not to take a photo of the Cracow Gate? Can't be! This XIV century landmark looks gracefull both from the side of the Łokietek Square and from the side of the Old Town. The gate houses the Museum of the History of Lublin, with very insta-friendly spiral stairs.

10. Stairs to the Castle

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To reach the top of the Castle Hill from the Castle Square, one needs to climb up monumental stairs, also very popular among the photographers.


11. Hartwig Alley

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Edward Hartwig was a Lublin photographer, remembered, among others, for his melancholic photos in which he used morning mists and light. Today his family patrons the Hartwig Alley, where atmospheric stairs connect the Rybny Square with Kowalska Street.

12. Love lock bridge in the Saxon Garden

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Established in 1837 city park is a place where one can take a rest from the urban noise. It's also a popular place among the photographers. While walking through the park alleys we can stumble across proud peacocks and stop on the love lock bridge, which is a truly romantic sight.

13. Perła Brewery

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Art often appears on the streets of Lublin, especially due to the festivals such as the Festival of Art in Public Space "OPEN CITY" or Night of Culture. Artistic installations often remain in the city space a bit longer. Unique installations can be seen on the grounds of  the former Perła Brewery at Bernardyńska street.

14. Magnolias at the courtyard of the Catholic University of Lublin

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What a pity that they don't bloom throughout the whole year. However, if you happen to visit Lublin in the Spring, let them dazzle you. Show how cool they are and tag with #kulmagnolie!


15. Zamkowa street

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The passage between the Grodzka Gate and the National Museum in Lublin is one of the most often photographed views of the Castle. 


16. Panas Alley

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Is this Tuscany? We're still in Lublin but it's an easy mistake to make while walking down the stairs from the Po Farze Square to Podwale street.


17. View from the Czwartek Hill

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Another panoramic view over the Old Town you will capture from the Czwartek Hill, just stand by the bell tower next to the st. Nicholas church.


18. Alley by the Cracow Gate

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There's not much left after the XIV century city walls, but the fragment adjoining the Cracow Gate from Szambelańska Street is a real magnet for instagrammers.


19. Lublin goat

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A goat climbing a drinking water fountain can be found at the corner of Krakowskie Przedmieście and Wróblewskiego streets. It will look good in a picture and satisfy your thirst on a hot day.


20. House of Words

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The courtyard of the House of Words is a place straight from a fairy tale. This season it takes us to the Hundred Acre Wood, where you can find Winnie the Pooh's wisdom in every corner.

21. Open Air Village Museum in Lublin

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The Open Air Village Museum in Lublin must be one of the most photogenic places in the city. The reception building, cemetery gate, manor house from Żyrzyn, orthodox church from Tarnoszyn, or the windmill from Zygmuntów - these are just some of the places that will earn you plenty of likes for your instagram.