The Holy Trinity Chapel, situated on the Castle Hill, is one of the most important historic buildings in Lublin. It features beautiful Russo-Byzantine frescoes painted in the first half of the 15th c. at the request of King Ladislaus Jagiello. These paintings on the walls of a Roman-Catholic chapel depict religious images characteristic of the Orthodox Church, which is a unique example of the co-existence of East and West European cultures in Lublin. Among the portraits of saints and biblical scenes there are frescoes presenting Ladislaus Jagiello – and they are the only depictions of the king painted during his lifetime.

On the ground floor of the chapel is located the Lapidarium, available for visiting. There is an exhibition presenting for example preserved fragments of gothic-Renaissance and Renaissance architectural details originating from the Lublin Old Town and the Lublin Castle.


Object distinguished with the European Heritage Label in 2007.

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