Since 1972, the building located on the Białkowska Hill has been a museum, in which exhibits related to life and activity of Wincenty Pol are gathered. Born in Lublin, the outstanding poet and at the same time a renowned traveler and geographer, left behind numerous notes, photographs, as well as an impressive collection of globes.

The building has a form of a typical Polish manor. A one-story house with a porch supported by Tuscan columns, covered with a jerkinhead roof.

The building was erected in the 18th century in the Firlejowszczyzna estate near Lublin. In 1804, Franciszek Ksawery Pohl, father of Wincenty Pol, became the owner of the manor house. The building changed owners several times. In the years 1969-1972, the manor house was demolished and moved to the place where it stands until today.

Branch of the Literary Museum in Lublin
Branch ofthe National Museum in Lublin
ul. Kalinowszczyzna 13
20-129 Lublin

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