The Open-Air Village Museum in Lublin is one of the largest and most beautiful open-air museums in Poland. It presents monuments characteristic of villages from various parts of the Lublin Region and a Provincial Town of Central Europe from the 1930s. The atmostphere is enriched by arable crops and farm animals, such as horses, goats, chickens, geese, and ducks.

A special attraction of the Lublin open-air museum are exhibitions of two religious complexes: a 17th century Roman Catholic church from Matczyn, and an 18th century Greek Catholic church from Tarnoszyn. Both temples still serve sacral functions. Another charming corner of the open-air museum is the manor sector with the magnificent 18th-century manor house from Żyrzyn, the gate from Łańcut, and the grange complex with the servants' building from Brus Stary. In the provincial town of Central Europe one can see accurately reconstructed buildings, such as the town hall from Głusk, the arrest from Samoklęski, or a restaurant from Zemborzyce.

The picturesque location is appreciated by artists, photographers, and filmmakers. Scenes for such films as "Battle of Warsaw", "Wołyń", "Blue Army" or "Crown of Kings" were shot here.

al. Warszawska 96
20-824 Lublin

tel. +48 81 533 85 13