In its history the palace belonged to many eminent Polish aristocratic families. In the 15th c. it was a Renaissance manor of the Firlej Family. In the 17th c. the Lubomirski Family commissioned Tylman van Gameren, a distinguished Flemish architect, for the remodelling of the palace in a Baroque style.

Subsequent owners of the palace included the Sanguszko Family and the Szeptycki Family. In 1829 a fire broke out destroying a part of the palace which was rebuilt in a new Classicist style designed by Henryk Marconi, an acclaimed architect of Italian origin. The plaque by the main entrance commemorates the formation of the Temporary People’s Government of the Republic of Poland here on 7th November 1918. Presently the building is used by the Faculty of Political Science of the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University.