Located at the Litewski Square the Memorial of the Union of Lublin was erected thanks to Stanisław Staszic in 1826. It commemorates one of the most crucial events in the history of Lublin - the Polish-Lithuanian Union from 1569. The place where the monument stands is not accidental - this is where the Lithuanians who came to the Union Seym set up their camp. The project of the monument was presented by Feliks Bentkowski, and the author of the relief was Paweł Maliński. The gilded relief depicts two female figures shaking hands. Between them there are the coats of arms of The Crown and of Lithuania.

An interesting fact is that this is not the first monument in this place commemorating the Union of Lublin. Presumably in 1569, right after signing the Union, the first monument was erected here to remind about this important event. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the beginning of XIX century during the demolition of the monastery and hospital of the Brothers of Mercy located at the Litewski Square. 

The site was distinguished with the European Heritage Label.

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