Originally a manor house of the arian family of Lubieniecki and an adjacent chapel were situated here. In the early XVII century the land was purchased by the Lublin deputy governor Bernard Suchorabski who erected a late renaissance palace in place of the buildings. In 1700, the property was acquired by St. Vincent de Paul Congregation of The Mission, who came to lublin to educate the clergy. In the years 1719-1730, the baroque Church of Transfiguration of Our Lord was erected next to the palace. The artists who worked on its interior design were Eliasz Hoffman, Sebastian Zeisel and Szymon Czechowicz.

The neo-gothic chapel adjacent to the church was built in 1890 and has a modern iconostasis painted by Jerzy Nowosielski. Currently, the seminary is attended by roman-catholic clerics and greek-catholic alumni from Poland and Ukraine.