Od 25 maja 2018 r. w Polsce stosowane jest Rozporządzenie Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE (ogólne rozporządzenie o ochronie danych, Dz. Urz. UE L 119, s. 1), dalej zwane „RODO”. Wobec powyższego Lubelska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna przedstawia następującą informację wymaganą Rozporządzeniem i dotyczącą przetwarzania danych osobowych. Więcej w "Polityce Prywatności"

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Night of Culture has passed. Fabulous artistic installations took over the city, arousing delight and surprise. Beautiful memories remain, captured in photographs and hidden in hearts. However, this is only the beginning of what awaits us in Lublin this season. In search of musical impressions, it is worth to participate in the "East of Culture" - Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival (28 June - 1 July). There will be some good sounds, including funk precursor musician George Clinton, who is going to play with more than twenty people orchestra Parliament Funkadelic, and pioneers of the digital hardcore trend - Atari Teenage Riot. The program also includes film screenings, literary meetings, exhibitions and family workshops.  www.innebrzmienia.eu At the end of July the city streets and squares will turn into one big stage, and that's because of the Magicians' Canrival (26 - 29 July), which is the biggest festival in Poland devoted to the street and circus art. The artists will once again surprise with their creativity, and the spectators will have an opportunity to face this unique art, for example by taking part in juggling workshops. Additionally, the participants of the Urban Slackline Festival, will provide some exciting atmosphere with their walks above the heads of the passers-by.  www.sztukmistrze.eu All those interested in traditional culture are invited to the Jagiellonian Fair (17-19 August). The city streets will be filled with various patterns and colors thanks to the folk artists from Poland and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Music will resound spontaneously and during organized dances and concerts. This year's edition will be connected to lace-making - through shows and workshops, the participants will learn about this difficult art. The program will also include a zone of traditional games and plays, and performances for entire families at the fair yard. www.jarmarkjagiellonski.pl After tasting in art and culture, it's time to taste in the full sense of the word! This can be done during the European Festival of Flavour (3-9 September). During the event we will get to know the culinary heritage of the Lublin region in the context of European and Eastern Partnership countries' cuisine. Our feast will be accompanied by a rich cultural program. This year, the tenth, jubilee edition of the festival will take place. Various impressions - not only those concerning flavors - certainly will not be lacking. www.europejskifestiwalsmaku.pl During the "Theatre Confrontations" International Festival (October 6-15) the public will have an opportunity to see outstanding works - the achievements of the most interesting theatrical personalities. The festival will be accompanied by the film series "Confrontations Cinema", concerts from the "Musical Confrontations at Night" series, exhibitions in the "Confrontation Gallery" and meetings with artists. www.konfrontacje.pl International Dance Theater Festival (November 12-18) is one of the most important dance art festivals in Poland and Europe. It allows the exchange of experiences between countries and shows that contemporary dance is a universal form of communication and perfectly transmits emotions. We will see artistic propositions from professional dance theaters from around the world. www.dancefestival.lublin.pl The above are just some of the events worth taking part in this year. See you in Lublin.


A big football holiday is coming - this time FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia. From the 14th of June until the 15th of July we will be able to follow the tournament through television broadcasts, and thanks to the fan zone set up in Lublin, the fans will have the opportunity to experience the emotions of the World Cup together. The organizer of the fan zone in Lublin is the Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre. The Lublin fan zone will be located next to the Arena Lublin stadium and will be able to host up to three thousand people, which makes it the largest in the Lublin province. There will also be catering outlets. All matches of the championships will be broadcast on the big screen. The first match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup: 14 June (17.00) – Russia – Saudi Arabia Poland's matches in the group stage: 19 June (17.00) – Poland – Senegal 24 June (20.00) – Poland – Colombia 28 June (16.00) – Poland - Japan 2018 FIFA World Cup Final: 15 July (17.00) Trzymamy kciuki za biało-czerwonych!


June awaits. A month of short evenings, sunny days, and joyous atmosphere. In this time it's worth to go to Lublin and explore the labirynth of the Old Town's streets. By the sounds of street artists's guitars and sunken in the rays of setting sun, the monuments of Lublin will enchant everyone. But apart from the architectural attractions, we also have cultural ones. June is a month of fantastic events. See you in Lublin!   Time for the Independent - exhibition 21 April - 8 July On the centenary of Poland regaining its independence, the Lublin Museum invites for an extraordinary exhibition. It presents the Poles' aspirations to free themselves from the yoke of the invaders - many attempts had been made for this purpose for 124 years. The exhibition will consist of works acquired from many museums and private collections, mainly paintings and graphics, as well as military items, examples of crafts, and medals. Learn more at: www.muzeumlubelskie.pl International Illusion Festival "Champions of Illusion" 1 June 2018 Illusionists from different parts of the world will come to Lublin to present the viewers with a fascinating spectacle "Magic show – tour of the world”. Known kings of illusion from Lublin will also make a guest appearance. Learn more at: www.magictour.pl Children's Day with the Lublin Goat 2 June 2018 How to celebrate Children's Day in a unique way? How about going for a walk with the Lublin Goat and learn about the most popular legends of the city? Let's travel back in time to the old centuries! Learn more at: www.lublintravel.pl Moto Picnic on Lublin Arena 2 June 2018 Something for the lovers of cars, both the young ones and adults. Until 12.30 one will be able to admire beautiful antique Merdedes cars. Learn more at: www.facebook.com 26. Solidarity Run Lublin June 1980 2 June 2018 The first one of the three Solidarity Runs. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Bridge of Culture from 2 June 2018 In the summer the Lutosławski's Bridge turns into a true center of cultural events. Workshops, concerts, dances and much more. With so many to choose from everyone certainly will find something for themselves. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Night of Culture 2/3 June 2018 A festival which is extremely popular among the citizens and visitors of Lublin. Together with dusk Lublin turns into a vibrant cultural capital of Poland. Loads of events guaranteed! Learn more at: www.nockultury.pl EAST ÆND ART 2-3 June 2018 It's time for another edition of the event during which one will be able to buy the variety of designer products and use services offered by the exhibitors. Workshops and performances are also on the agenda! Learn more at: www.spotkaniakultur.com Haying in the Open Air Village Museum in Lublin 3 June 2018 It's time to roll up ones sleeves and go to the meadows. Haying awaits! Traditional ways of haying will be presented in Lublin Open-Air Village Museum on the first Sunday of June. The brave ones will be able to try haying for themselves. Learn more at: www.skansen.lublin.pl Breakfast on the grass - X Lublin Dog Days 3 June 2018 On the first Sunday of June Radość club invites all dog lovers and their pets for a breakfast. Many attractions are schedules for this day, such as behavioral consultations, dog tricks show, and a special playground for dogs. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Sunday walk with a guide 3 June 2018 How to combine pleasure with something useful? For example by joining the Sunday walk with a guide in the Botanical Garden. "Green guests from America" is a theme of the nearest meeting.  Learn more at: www.umcs.pl The Fire of Lublin 3 June 2018 This year marks 299 years since the miraculous rescuing of the city from the raging fire of 1719. In order to commemorate the past events, there will be an "Old Town Procession". Surrounded by smoke and fire, we will set off in the footsteps of the Dominican Friars. Learn more at: www.teatrnn.pl Musical Evening in the Pobrygidkowski Church 3 June 2018 Musical feast in one of the most beautiful churches in Lublin. Delicious music will resound in the 600-year-old temple walls. Your presence is mandatory! On the 3rd of June a Concert Magnificat by a string quartet and a choir will take place. Learn more at: www.pobrygidkowski.pl International Renessaince Festival 8 - 10 June 2018 A festival presenting culture and traditions of the Lublin's golden age. Dance, music, architecture and theatre. Long live the renessaince! Learn more at: www.belriguardo.pl Free city tour with Hubertus Tourist Agency 9 June 2018 Tourist Agency Hubertus invites to a free city tour. The June walk will be devoted to the blessed priest Mysakowski. A walk will lead from Krężnica Jara to Prawiedniki. Learn more at: www.bthubertus.com City herbarium 9 June 2018 The first meeting from the herbal and culinary cycle will take place at the Słomiany Rynek at 10AM. Attention! Reservation is required. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Chęć na pięć 10 June 2018 Running fans will soon have a possibility to run through the Old Forest paths. Learn more at: www.maraton.lublin.eu 5. Sounds of Words Festival 13 – 17 June 2018 Musical mosaic, multitude of styles, artists, and forms - that means another edition of the Sound of Words Festival. Learn more at: www.dzwiekislow.pl Celebrations of The National Remembrance Day for Victims of the Nazi German Concentration and Extermination Camps 14 – 15 June 2018 In program one will find a meeting with former prisoners of Majdanek expelled from Zamość region, as well as visiting the grounds of the former camp with a guide. Learn more at: www.majdanek.eu Lublin Culture Forum 15 – 16 June 2018 Culture will be talked about, debated about, and supported. Learn more at: www.kongreskultury.lublin.eu Cacti and succulents exhibition 16 – 17 June 2018 Botanical Garden invites for cacti exhibition. These beautiful plants are popular among many Poles. Learn more at: www.umcs.pl Old Town Harmonies 17, 24 June 2018 Beautiful music in equally beautiful scenery. In June a concert in the Crown Tribunal will take place within the Old Town Harmonies cycle. Learn more at: www.wieniawski.lublin.pl J. Zukertort's X International Chess Festival 20 – 25 June 2018 Captivating battles, brilliant strategies, unique emotions - this is the International Chess Festival. See you in Lublin! Learn more at: www.szachy.lublin.pl International Festival "Meetings with the Storytellers of the World" 21 – 24 June 2018 Let's quietly sit in the corner and listen to the stories from afar lands. Learn more at: www.teatrnn.pl 70 years of the Wanda Kaniorowa's Folk Dance Ensemble "Lublin"  23 June 2018 Concert of the occassion of the our famous Lublin group. Learn more at: www.zpit.lublin.pl Saint John's Eve 23 June 2018 The night when light wins with darkness, the magic blends with faith, and the fern flower gives the prosperity of the lucky ones that find it. All those attracted to the old beliefs and customs of the St. John's Eve should arrive to the Lublin Open-Air Village Museum on June 23 and be enthralled by the charm of fire, water and summer. Learn more at: www.skansen.lublin.pl Saint John's Eve, in search for the fern flower 23 June 2018 Mythical fern flowers for centuries has lured with the promise of wealth and abundance for the one who finds it. Maybe we will be lucky and find it in the Lublin Botanical Garden? It is worth a try! Learn more at: www.umcs.pl Lublin Flea Market 24 June 2018 As every month the Lublin Old Town will be full of stalls where one will be able to buy old furniture, art, and trinkets. Learn more at: www.facebook.com MILA na start 24 June 2018 By the end of June we'll run in the second edition of the #runlublin cycle. Learn more at: www.mosir.lublin.pl East of Culture – Different Sounds 28 June – 1 July 2018 A festival that shows the extraordinary side of musical world and other areas of art. Learn more at: www.innebrzmienia.eu Multimedia Fountain Shows June 2018 On Friday and Saturday evenings the Litewski Square becomes a stage of extraordinary shows loved by the tourists and residents of Lublin. Start at 21.30. Learn more at: www.lublin.eu Wild Children Reserve 12 May - 28 October 2018 This is not a typical playground, here children reign without obstacles. Wild Children Reserve is a place when kids can play as they want, supervised by experienced playworkers. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Sightseeing for connoisseurs "Via Jagiellonica" Foundation invites to discover Lublin together. The main theme of the walks is "The Seym of Lublin: Castle and City". Visiting the Museum of the Union of Lublin Seym "Sejsmograf 1569+" in program. Learn more at: www.zachod-wschod.pl Lublin Filharmony June 2018 Rich repertoire of the Lublin Filharmony will surely interest all the music lovers. Learn more at: www.filharmonialubelska.pl Miasto movie June 2018 All the cinema lovers will be happy to hear about June propositions of Miasto Movie cycle. Learn more at: www.warsztatykultury.pl Centre for the Meeting of Cultures June 2018 In June in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures we'll see a post-festival selection of Ars Electronica Animation Festiwal 2017 among others. Learn more at: www.spotkaniakultur.com Musical Theatre in Lublin June 2018 Operas, musicals, fairy tales - June in the Musical Theatre is full of propositions. Learn more at: www.teatrmuzyczny.eu Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin June 2018 A lot to choose from in June. „Mrs Bovary“ is one of the propositions. Learn more at: www.teatrosterwy.pl Centre for Culture in Lublin June 2018 June days in the Centre for Culture seem to be promising. Workshops and meetings, spectacles - that's all in the agenda. Learn more at: www.ck.lublin.pl The Old Theatre in Lublin June 2018 The repertoire of the Old theatre is full of movie screenings, concerts, meetings and spectacles. This month we can expect Anthony Strong or Magda Umer with Mumio. Learn more at: www.teatrstary.eu Lubartowska 77 Lubartowska 77 is a creative space, brought to live by passionate people, located in a building with captivating history and interesting, industrial architecture. Eko shop is open every day, and on Saturdays Eko Fair takes place. And there's much more to offer! Learn more at: www.lubartowska77.pl Lublin Tourist Card Are you planning to visit Lublin in June? Use Lublin Tourist Card and visit Lublin better, easier, cheaper. Learn more at: www.lublincard.eu


Open Days of European Funds start on the 11th of May. Also in Lublin you will be able to visit places that profit from European funds. Among them Arena Lublin, Lublin Open Air Village Museum, Lublin Museum, the Dominican monastery, and many others. What else can we expect? What are the rules of the visiting? All necessary information you can find on the official website of the action. Learn more at: www.dniotwarte.eu