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Better, easier and cheaper sightseeing in Lublin

Are you looking for a way of better and cheaper sightseeing? We've got one! It's Lublin Tourist Card, which will allow you to save money during your visits in museums, restaurants, Spa, swimming pool, or while souvenir shopping. If you choose a card with public transport included, you can use it in each zone. You will pay up to...

Sunday walks around Lublin

Learn about Lublin’s history while strolling through the picturesque streets of the Old Town. During Sunday guided tours you will reach well known places as well as some hidden gems. You will learn how the goat ended up in the Lublin’s coat of arms, where the Union of Lublin was signed, how the mark of the devil’s paw was left on the...

What's on in Lublin in July

In July we will Celebrate the Union! The main celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin will take place at the Litewski Square. Reconstructions and historical inscenisations will take us back in time to the XVI century Lublin. In the middle of the month International Folklore Meetings will give us an opportunity to learn more about...

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